Time Flies, Life Goes On

3 min readAug 27, 2021

These too shall pass, all is well. — Ajahn Bram

For some, graduating from college might be just a kind of milestone that one should pass in a lifetime — they could just study in college just for a degree. On the other side, many people are struggling to finish their studies at all costs — they have a strong will on how they should study, what major should they take, and how to enjoy doing researches. Both of the reasons are valid. None of them considered better or worse than one another. The fact is, it will definitely become a memory that won’t happen twice.

I graduated this January, not really knowing what to do or what to pursue after college ends. That was a mistake that I made during my high school days, to put my dream university on top of everything, naively not figuring out that life will actually start the moment I got my degree in hand. However, one thing that I know for sure is that I’m really happy with the results, I didn’t regret my choice and all the hard works I spent to reach this point in my life. I seriously put all my efforts into my study, whilst not really know what is the reason for doing so, aside from getting good grades.

I admit that I am a privileged student during my study. I have all the supports I need through the process, and I’m really grateful for that. Sadly, all of it makes me kind of too comfortable with my life. I tried so many times to figure out what I really need, applying to any vacant jobs that I see, I waited for several months before actually securing one job that can keep me going. Does that make me happy? Yes! But is it something that I really want? I’m still figuring it out.

I read a lot of articles, books, watch TED talks, etc. that give me insights on personal development. Still, it isn’t easy at all to answer precisely about what do you enjoy in life, especially after graduating college and start the adult phase. I often see updates on what my college friends doing after college life as well. Most of them are pursuing their career as an employee, just like what the majority of adults do. There are many who take another path, like doing voluntary work, building business, etc. and I sometimes spend time wondering is it something that they really enjoy doing? Are they forced? Are they figured out already what they really want in life?

Nevertheless, I realized the other day that I just see the updates of their life on social media, while in reality:

No one posts their failures on social media.

I might see that one person does this, the other does that, but I never see them crying at night to their insecurities, uncertainties of the future, their struggles, and other tons of doubts they have in their heads — just like me. While I’m busy figuring out things that are actually useless, time is always running. It runs so fast that it’s hard for me to even realize it’s already 7 months passed after my graduation. Time flies so fast, while the life that I live feels so slow. Why? Maybe because I spend so much time worrying about things that shouldn’t be worried about.

If you have some kind of similar problem as me, let’s work on this together. Know that all things will go past us and they’ll become memories. One day you’ll find it really hard doing one thing, the other day you’ll smile at yourself wondering why you find it that way in the first place. If we face any problem, know that there’ll be a solution later on. As long as we’re still breathing, there’s always a chance to do better, and all is well.




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