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The 3rd topic of the writing challenge: a memory

3 min readFeb 27, 2022


An open photobook showing black and white photos from a long time ago
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I can’t answer which memory I found the most interesting or unforgettable in my life — they are just too many. However, I think in every human’s life, there are two most important events that sadly we can’t remember: the day we were born and the day we die.

Why can’t we remember the day we were born? I’m dying to know what happened that day, how I felt, my mom’s face, her first time embracing me, the happy tears she shed, etc.

Even the recent technology can only capture the delivery moments, but as the baby grows up, he/she wouldn’t remember it from his/her point of view. No matter how advanced our brain is working, it just wouldn’t give us the permission to remember the day we came into this world.

On the other hand, as I haven’t experienced death just yet, I wonder what will I feel on the day I die? Where will my consciousness go? Scientists said that energy can only change its form, it can’t be destroyed or made. So where will my soul go? What process should I undergo before going to the next life? I wish I could have a talk with my passing grandmother about this, but I know it’ll be just in my wildest imagination.

This life is filled with thousands and even millions or billions memory. We can remember some of the happiest or saddest ones, but it'll be only just a few.

This post is just actually me questioning why can’t I remember the day I was born. The rest is just the contemplation about the thought to live this life more consciously. I participated in a spiritual retreat and the speaker asked: do you even remember what clothes you wore yesterday? What meal did you have?

I was introduced to meditation when I was a kid, but up until now I barely practice that — I feel bad. I sat in silence and realize that I know, I didn’t remember what did I do yesterday, which clothes I took from the wardrobe.

I wonder if I meditate properly? Will I get to access the memory of the day I was born? Maybe no. But now I still have some time to live my life to the fullest until the day I leave this world.

Be present in every moment. Every second, every minute we live is a memory. I believe it can turn into good or bad ones depending on our intention and feelings when we do something. Sitting alone on your bench while sipping coffee can be a good memory while in your heart you’re praying for peace, hoping for the happiness of the people you love, for all beings.

I’m not a saint and I’m still a human who lives a mundane life. I know it’s impossible to always do the good, but whenever I do the bad actions, I remind myself that I do that consciously — while knowing all the laws of the causalities and accepting to be responsible for all those actions.




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